Without knowing who and where you are, you wake up on a deserted, unpleasant shore. You feel dizzy, have no orientation … don’t know where to go, what to do. Then you hear voices from somewhere, silhouettes flicker in the distant moonlight, footsteps coming nearer … you loose consciousness again.

Hours – or was it days? -  later, you awake again … locked in a dirty,  deteriorated cell.

This is how your adventure starts … are you brave enough to find out what waits for you behind the door?

NACHT UND NEBEL is proud to announce that work has begun on their new horror adventure DAGON, which is inspired by the writings of author H.P. Lovecraft and set in the Cthulhu-Universe. Meet notorious characters like Dr. Herbert West and discover the strange town of Innsmouth in this all new adventure.

DAGON is build using the Wintermute Engine by Jan Nedoma (www.dead-code.org)

Find out more about the game under STORY or take a look at the first screenshots in our GALLERY